TECO is PROUD to introduce the MAGIC II technology that makes this rotating consistency meter more responsive to rapid changes. It is the ONLY transmitter that gives a Full Pipe Reading. The Larger Sensing Disk measures consistency by sensing the change in viscosity.

  • MAGIC II is not fiber length sensitive; it tells the Truth and Ideal for seondary fiber.
  • Non-Contact Torque measurement means - No drift or No damage to electronics.
  • HART compatible transmitter that can be recalibrated from Control Room.
  • SMART motor driven consistency meter, that is not sensitive to changes in velocity.
  • Loop Powered, 24 volts.

The Magic technology is more responsive to rapid changes in consistency. This enables the controller to "see" process upsets and hold consistency closer to set point. By reducing consistency variations in the feed stock to the Paper Machine, paper quality will be improved while using less fiber.

TECO's Magic II is a loop powered SMART + HART consistency transmitter. The transmitter measures consistency by sensing the change in viscosity with a disk rotating in the paper stock. A non-contact electronic system eliminates accuracy problems caused by friction, and drifting problems caused by wear and corrosion.

Magic II's SMART feature has ten response curves stored in memory to match the nonlinear pulp response curves. This gives higher accuracy than traditional nonlinear response curves because it adjusts for higher sensitivity at low consistency and lower sensitivity at higher consistency.

Magic II's HART features uses digitally set upper and lower range values. With a HART compatible device, you can program or read the loop's current output and consistency value anywhere the 4ma to 20ma wires run; from the control room to the transmitter.


Magic II measures consistency by sensing changes in torque, and converting it into a 4ma to 20ma reading. The degree of torque applied to the rotary disk affects the distance (air gap) between the torque arm and the ThermaCoil. A change in distance between the torque arm and the ThermaCoil changes the inductance. This change in inductance affects the frequency of the oscillator circuit which affects the amount of voltage drop across a coil / capacitance circuit. A two wire transmitter chip with HART protocol converts this voltage change to a 4ma to 20ma current signal which is independent of load or supply voltage.

A silicone oil damper removes most of the normal consistency noise. A digital filter is built in for additional damping if necessary. A thermistor is used for temperature compensation.

The only maintenance for the MAGIC II is occasional greasing of the shaft that drives the sensing disk. Greasing can be manually done every three months or automatically with the optional cartridge system. The automatic system adds a small amount every other day for consistency accuracy. The cartridge is replaced every 18 months.

Technical Specifications

2-Wire, All Electronic Loop Powered Consistency Transmitter

  • Sensitivity @ 2.5 % consistency as ± 0.003%
    -  @ 4.0 % consistency as ± 0.002 %
  • Power Requirements - 2-wire, 24-30 volts DC, minimum 250 ohm loop resistance.
  • Output Signal - Liner 4-20 ma into 350 ohm max. load @ 24 volts,1300 ohms @ 30 volts.
  • Output Dampening - Silicon oil dampener plus digital electronic filtering, 1.5 to 100 seconds(1.5 sec. factory setting)
  • Output Test Points = 4 ma and 20 ma.
  • Pulp Curves - Ten-calibration curve, 0.5 to 7.0% installed in transmitter. Curve selection via HART communication.
  • Consistency Range adjustments made in % consistency from any HART Protocol Adjustment device such as a Meriam™, Rosemount™ or SMAR™ Communicator.
  • Consistency Sensing - Motor Driven Disc and Shaft to Generate Torque from Consistency changes.
  • Torque Sensing - Non-Contact Inductive coupling with Stationery Pick-Up Coil; approximately .030 in Air Gap.
  • Sensor Motor Standard 440 vac 3 phase 1/2 hp @ 1 amp. Optional 575 vac motors are available.

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