Consistency Training

TECO is the only company to offer comprehensive consistency training and product trouble shooting for all major consistency manufactures.

Training sessionConsistency Training curriculum:

Introduction to understanding consistency.
A. What is Consistency, and how is it measured?
B. Mechanical sensors, rotary and blade.
C. Process variables which effect on-line measurement.

The piping and control system.
A. How piping impacts consistency measurement and control.
B. Special piping considerations and transmitter mounting.
C. How dilution water components effect the measurement.

Consistency sampling, guidelines and techniques.
A. Suggested sampling hardware.
B. Proper sampling technique.
C. Correct sample processing and evaluation to determine "true consistency".
D. Proper meter calibration using hand samples.

Mechanical Transmitter Calibration.
A. In-line after startup.
B. Off-line and factory pre-calibration.

Rosemount® & ® HART Communicator and SMART Consistency Meters.
A. In-line after startup.
B. Changing Curves, dampening, and ranges.

Trouble shooting & preventative maintenance.
A. Preventative maintenance for DeZurik®.
B. Preventative maintenance for BTG®.
C. Preventative maintenance for Valmet®.
D. Preventative maintenance for TECO Magic®.

Training classes are held every six months.

DeZurik®, BTG®, and Valmet® are registered Trademarks. TECO has no affiliation with any of these OEM's.